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Calories Count by Barbara Karnes, RN

Calories Count

When living with a life threatening illness we are eating for two---our physical body and our disease. In most cases the disease eats before we do. If we don’t eat,...

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Nursing Home Blues, Part 2 by Barbara Karnes, RN

Nursing Home Blues, Part 2

...Fortunately, I suppose, my mother is now bed-bound and we were able toget Hospice to help out, so she now fits the bill for a 'model patient'... but itstill seems...

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How Do I Pick A Good Hospice? by Barbara Karnes, RN

How Do I Pick a Good Hospice?

There have been many changes in hospice care since it began. Some for the better, some not so much. What I am suggesting as representing a “good” hospice is becoming...

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