Branding is a powerful marketing tool while providing educational materials for your patients and families. All of the booklets in our End of Life Guideline Series can be branded or customized.

Branded booklets feature your logo in the top inch of the front and back of our quality card stock covers. Your contact information can be placed in the back top inch or on the inside front cover, all of which is available for your use. Foundations often provide information about themselves on the inside front cover, larger agencies list multiple locations.

Custom covers of Gone From My Sight must include either a ship or the ocean horizon (or both), light blue as a primary color, and “Special Edition Published by Barbara Karnes Books”. The required file size is 10.5” x 8.25” including a .125” bleed on all 4 sides if there is a background image or artwork that goes to the edge of the page. Including a .125” bleed the file size would be 10.75” x 8.5”. The margins need to be at least .1875”.

When ready, email BK Books your branded or custom cover information. You’re sent a soft proof (electronic) followed by a hard proof (snail mailed) for your approval. Special orders require a 50% deposit. Printing takes a few days, shipping takes 7-10 business days. We invoice you the remainder net 30 with the shipped books.

There is a minimum order of 1,000 of each booklet you are branding or customizing. Quantity discounts available for larger orders.

There is an initial type setting fee of $35 for branded orders and $65 for custom orders. Changes to original set up are billed at $25 per hour.

For more information call 360-828-7132 or email





 Custom Covers for End of Life Education Materials



Custom Cover for End of Life Education Booklet on Signs of Approaching death