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A Hospice With Integrity by Barbara Karnes, RN

A Hospice With Integrity

Be the best hospice you can possibly be, provide the highest quality of care with the most compassionate, caring staff your area has to offer. Build a reputation within the...

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Nursing Home Blues, Part 2 by Barbara Karnes, RN

Nursing Home Blues, Part 2

...Fortunately, I suppose, my mother is now bed-bound and we were able toget Hospice to help out, so she now fits the bill for a 'model patient'... but itstill seems...

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Deathbed Promises by Barbara Karnes, RN

Deathbed Promises

Dear Barbara, Please talk about deathbed promises. Being at the bedside as a person approaches death is often scary, usually sad, and very emotional. We are generally not thinking with...

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Do Not Resuscitate & Hospice by Barbara Karnes, RN

Do Not Resuscitate & Hospice

I was directed to a conversation on a Facebook group that I follow. The question that started the conversation was, “Thoughts on hospice patients that are full codes. Then decline...

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