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Trying To Understand Grief article by Dying Expert, Barbara Karnes, RN at BKBooks

Trying To Understand Grief

Grief is whole bunch of normal emotions rolled up into a package we call grieving. It isn’t new emotions. It is our emotions. It is how we have handled everything...

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 People are never truly prepared for death, especially when their child is dying, but Barbara Karnes, RN gives families and professionals some guidance

When Kids Talk About Death

We, as a people, are never truly prepared for death but with guidance, honestly, and gentleness we, as caregivers for those people, can ease the fear and uncertainty most bring to the...

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How Does Hospice Work At Home? article by end of life expert, Barbara Karnes, RN

How Does Hospice Work At Home?

Hospice works at home for you. It provides support, guidance, and education but even more it provides understanding, concern, and heart felt caring for you, the family, and your support...

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Does Everyone Need Grief Counseling? article by End of Life Expert, Barbara Karnes, RN

Does Everyone Need Grief Counseling?

Counseling is a support offering, a choice. Some personalities would never consider counseling. They would not be comfortable sharing their personal thoughts and life with someone else no matter how professional...

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