August 14 2018
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Barbara Karnes
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Purpose, Forgiveness and Meaning at End of Life

Purpose, Forgiveness and Meaning at End of Life


Barbara - August 21 2018

Judy, I am so sorry you had an unpleasant, dis-satisfactory experience with hospice. Have you told the Executive Director of the hospice of their shortcomings? Your opinions will give them the opportunity to change and give better service to others that follow you—or not. Blessings! Barbara

Eileen Kilsdonk - August 21 2018

Thank you for your incredible books. Hospice staff are busy and your books enable family member caregivers to provide better support to dying family members.

Judy Fauth - August 21 2018

I received more information and comfort from your writings than I did from the abject uncaring ways of the Hospice that was commissioned for my husband’s care. When I expressed this to their Chaplain, he actually ordered your booklets and has made them available to their clients. One thing that was done right.

Anna Grant-Borden - August 21 2018

Thank you, I just read your blog and it was very helpful. I am a pastor and one of my members is going through the dying process. You insight is awesome. I am observing what you wrote about. God has been telling me to minister through my presence. Thank you. I already have copies of Gone from my sight. I am going to order some copies of A Time for Life.

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