March 23 2020
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Barbara Karnes
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Did the AIDS Epidemic Set Us Up To Handle COVID-19?

Did the AIDS Epidemic Set Us Up To Handle COVID-19?


Maureen Asper - March 26 2020

Thanks for this excellent story. Different circumstances and different periods in time, but still very relevant. Take care and Good bless.

barbara - March 24 2020

Hi Dennis, of course you may share this blog article, or any of my blog articles, with your team. I welcome the sharing.
Blessings to you and your team in the work you are doing. Barbara

Brenda woods - March 24 2020

I discovered your material when my brother was dying.
It helped me a lot.

Dennis james Sagun Parker - March 24 2020

Barbara – may I share this reflection with my Hospice care team members?

I am a chaplain currently working with a hospice organization.

Please let me know if I may share this – giving credit, of course to you as the author.

Thank you for ALL that you do for us in hospice care.

Chaplain Dennis j.

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