March 23 2020
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Barbara Karnes
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Did the AIDS Epidemic Set Us Up To Handle COVID-19?

Did the AIDS Epidemic Set Us Up To Handle COVID-19?


Yaffa - June 13 2020

I came into hospice late in my career, and fell in love.
While I’ve often said, " I should have found hospice years ago!", I know, in my heart of hearts, that I had to go through the (hospice residence) death of my beloved MILove, and the sudden (alpha-strep meningitis) death of my husband before I could ever be the hospice nurse I am today.
I began my career when AIDS first came… I made the decision that I would not allow my AIDS patients to feel as though they were “contaminated”, nor would I ever, as far as with what was in my power, let them die alone.
Being on the front lines BEFORE we ever knew what we were dealing with gave me a unique qualification to deal with Covid. I consider my attitude to be one of , “do everything to NOT catch it, but acceptance should that be my fate”.
Who knew that we in hospice would ever HAVE to deal with it? After all, this is QUICK, right? Surprises abound.
I share your resources a great deal & have so much gratitude for your knowledge. You are my hero. Thank you.

Maureen Asper - March 26 2020

Thanks for this excellent story. Different circumstances and different periods in time, but still very relevant. Take care and Good bless.

barbara - March 24 2020

Hi Dennis, of course you may share this blog article, or any of my blog articles, with your team. I welcome the sharing.
Blessings to you and your team in the work you are doing. Barbara

Brenda woods - March 24 2020

I discovered your material when my brother was dying.
It helped me a lot.

Dennis james Sagun Parker - March 24 2020

Barbara – may I share this reflection with my Hospice care team members?

I am a chaplain currently working with a hospice organization.

Please let me know if I may share this – giving credit, of course to you as the author.

Thank you for ALL that you do for us in hospice care.

Chaplain Dennis j.

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