January 16 2018
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Barbara Karnes
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How Do I Pick a Good Hospice?

How Do I Pick a Good Hospice?


Barbara Karnes - February 03 2018

Hi Toni, in regards to your son dying and you not having talked with him in three years, have you tried to contact him? I would just show up at his door, say “I care about you, I don’t know what I have done to offend you but it doesn’t matter, I’m so sorry we have lost our connection, I am here for you now, I love you, I’m sorry,” whatever it takes to be back in his life. This direct contact done, no matter his response (and it could be negative, he may send you away) you will know you have done everything possible to bridge the gap that has occurred. Just remember it isn’t about what happened or who is to blame for the disconnect. It isn’t about finding answers for how this happened or who did what to whom. It is about being together.
Blessings! Barbara

Toni Pushinsky - February 03 2018

My 36 yr. Old son is dying and has not talked to me for 3 yrs. It is killing me not to be there for him. I did not do anything for him to treat me like this. I pray for him. I give this all over to God, but it is so hard for me. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Catie Rice - January 18 2018

Excellent once more!!

Can I use this to teach a company what hospice should be?!?!

Jerry - January 17 2018

How many other patients and families will my nurse have?

Are any of your nurses employed by a staffing agency, not by you?

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