March 13 2018
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Barbara Karnes
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THIS IS HOW PEOPLE DIE - my latest film

THIS IS HOW PEOPLE DIE - my latest film


Barbara Karnes - March 15 2018

Hi Iris, thank you for your feedback about the cost of my new film This Is How People Die. I produced this film at the request of numerous healthcare agencies and schools to use with their E-learning programs and to provide a more comprehensive end of life in-service for staff and volunteers, It is in three parts equaling 3 hours.
My DVD, New Rules For End of Life Care, is 25 minutes and specifically done for lay people (although the medical community uses it for in-servicing and education.) The cost of this DVD is $29.00. There is a trailer for this DVD on our website.
Blessings! Barbara

Iris - March 15 2018

Dear Ms. Karnes,

I was surprised at the $300 cost for your new DVD. I’m sure it covers a larger amount of information probably for large institution staff training. Maybe there will be a more affordable version in the future.
Thank you

Nancy Buckingham - March 15 2018

Your trailer is very good, my husband has been on hospice for 10 months. I watched my mother in a bed for 7 years, completely different people, different circumstance s, however he is transitioning.. I don’t know for how long. I long to know what his brain is thinking, I ask and most of the time he says nothing, I don’t really know, it is difficult. I’ve watched many family members, my very best friend.. it’s difficult

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