July 07 2019
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Barbara Karnes
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Developing End of Life Expertise

Developing End of Life Expertise


Sue - July 22 2019

I loved your response. I would also recommend CAPC training (on-line) which is fantastic. If you need continuing education credits they have about 40 hours of credits and the training is mostly spot on. I would also recommend seeing if one of your local colleges has a palliative care class. I have a student right now working with me who took a PC class and I was pleasantly surprised when she said our interaction with patients is very much like the videos she watched during her class. I would also recommend shadowing with a nurse or NP who is doing palliative care, which is often the precursor to hospice to let you see that process as well. Lastly, and I totally agree with Barbara, is explore your belief system and be prepared to guide patients. One thing that I do with ALL of my patients is ask them what they believe happens when a person dies. Occasionally we get a patient who states he doesn’t know or doesn’t think about it. I share stories from other patients since I know having a spiritual foundation is helpful when potentially heading to end of life. I had my student go home and ask her parents some of the questions we ask our patients and their response was, “We’ll talk about that when the time comes.” The more we make it “normal” in every day conversation the less stigma is attached to end of life discussions and the more patient’s families are equipped to be their advocates.

sandee - July 09 2019

just another,..something to think about …is expertise something any individual can accomplish in humans ? my thoughts are absolutely not !..(seems sorta selfish ambition)…because while we can and do learn…it’s impossible to perfect any part of humans far and wide …beginning and ends…what’s needed is like you barbara…it’s all done in selfless love…love one another! simply..that’s a universal expertise that has the power to change lives for the better!…no matter if it’s a first breath it last! i comment in all due respect and with LOVE.

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