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Hospice Social Worker
Award Winning End of Life Educator, Barbara Karnes, RN explains the use of morphine to help they dying.

Does Morphine Hasten Death?

The use of Morphine is one of the most misunderstood practices I encounter with families and end of life issues. Our society is so drug conscious we tend to equate...

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Barbara Karnes, RN speaks to the question,

Dying Soon After A Spouse

I know “dying of a broken heart” is used frequently when death comes as a result of a tragic life event. I’m not sure that is actually why the person...

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American Hospice Pioneer, Barbara Karnes, RN writes ideas for best practices for new hospice nurses as they care for the dying.

Ideas For A New Hospice Nurse

If you teach your families well about the approaching end of life there will be no problems with them understanding the labor of dying. Having someone you care about dying is...

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