July 24 2019
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Barbara Karnes
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Why I Wrote My New Booklet: PAIN AT END OF LIFE

Why I Wrote My New Booklet:  PAIN AT END OF LIFE


Traci Eaton - August 24 2019

I still keep asking myself and all areas of medical care, why we have to make ourselves or our loved ones suffer to the last second. I know that I won’t want to hang around in pain which can only be relieved by being drugged insensible so that I can be nibbled to death by ducks. The right to choose, for myself, when enough has become too much. The right to say, beyond this point I do not choose to stay here and suffer any longer. This is a choice which should be obvious to any rational person. I have sympathy for the medical profession of “healers” and I strongly believe that helping the person who can clearly state their wish to die with dignity in their own time is the ultimate in healing. Thank you for what you have done to make the conventional dying process more humane and less of a struggle for the survivors. It is time to make it more humane and dignified for the dying.

Claudia Hauri - August 01 2019

Once again Barbara, thank you for sharing your yrs of experience with all of us.
JOYCE….I’m a nurse practitioner (NP) since 1976 & have to say that there are rotten apples in every barrel. The worst scenario: said NP may have been a new NP & before an RN inacute care, neonatal nu, Ob/Gyn nurse, & was having doubts about her new role. On top of that many physicians oppose the practice of NPs & limit their autonomy to make health care decisions. On top of THAT, the new fly-by-nite Universities that have only on-line programs are preparing inadequate nurses AND NPs to practice.
I advise ALL patients entering any hospital to have a advocate check the patients care, ask ?, ask the rational for treatment, the pros & cons (latter rarely discussed) & a 2nd opinion if in doubt. The same goes for hospice care. Some are excellent, some are not. Profit vs. non-profit. Sending you peace & hugs, C

Ann G. - July 28 2019

Just wanted to say thank you. You continue to be an inspiration to so many. I’ve learned so much from you!

sandee foreshee - July 26 2019

i can never express enough my gratitude for barbara. my mother died from pancreatic cancer, i was her care taker, daughter, to day 0. i had so many questions and concerns, not only through the hospic experience, but long and lingering afterwards. we had an awesome hospice team that i think i called everyday several times at the last 10 days of my moms life. they had given “the blue book”, in the initial care package for my mom. that book became as such to me l, like my own bible and i dont believe i could of done it (cared for her by myself) if not for the likes of that book. thank you barbara for truly being the person that cares and reaches out to all who want to understand. ive benefited every single tme, in diffrent ways, in all of your blogs, from morphine choices and why, to getting order in the house, religion…and on and on and on. i highly recommend to anyone who is faced with the challanges (everyone), to engage in the resources available here. i believe life is for the living, that to me just makes sense!
thanks again
you are an amazing woman!

Gwen Thomas - July 26 2019

Thank you SO much! Just got off the phone with a patient and family regarding this very thing. I immediately ordered when I got the email notice.

Don - July 25 2019

Barbara, my wife died almost 12 years ago after battling breast cancer for 3 years. Toward the end, Oxycodone, Fentanyl patches, and ultimately oral morphine were the order of the day, in increaasing dosages w/ hospice nurse approval. Addiction was not an issue for her as she was at the end of the trail, but I suppose that could be an issue for family/caregivers who have access to medications (it was not for me/us).

I was very grateful that something was available in those final days, and hope that the current addition concerns do not deprive dying patients of relief at the end of their lives. Thank you very much for your continued efforts to provide vital information for hospice patients, family members, and other caregivers.

Anne - July 24 2019

Thank you, Barbara, for all you do.

Boots Few - July 24 2019

Congratulations and many thanks for the new book Pain at End of Life.

The materials in your books have been educational and comforting to me for 16 years. That is why I purchase and share (e.g. give) your books to family, friends and individuals that I encounter who needed direction, comfort, and information at this difficult time.

Thank you

RONEE HENSON - July 24 2019


Joyce - July 24 2019

Some of us who have had an experience with a NURSE PRACTITIONER who was afraid to prescribe morphine as recently as a month ago to someone on Hospice Care are still livid that the Medical Profession hasn’t yet caught up with what some Families DO know!!

This took place in the city of Columbia, Missouri— a Medical City sporting the University of Missouri Hospital, Barnes-Jewish-Christian Hospital, a satellite Hospital linked to the prestigious Barnes Hospital of St. Louis, MO, and the Missouri Veterans Hospital.

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