June 25 2019
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Barbara Karnes
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Our Children Aren't Supposed to Die Before Us

Our Children Aren't Supposed to Die Before Us


Claudia Hauri - June 30 2019

Hi Barbara….thank you once again for giving others your insight & wisdom of many years dealing with the death of others.
I have given your web sight to many people in hopes they find some knowledge & peace.
I teach Healthy Living classes to a group of Seniors in a day activity center. They have your contact & I gave them copies & then discussed 5 Wishes as a place to start.
Namaste, Claudia

Sharon - June 28 2019

I recently lost my daughter to brain cancer after 5 years of watching her decline. I too was hopeful and looking for a miracle, but God had other plans for all of us. I take comfort in knowing she is free from pain and with family gone before us.

A friend gave me your 4 pamphlets, which I found helpful up to her last minutes with us not knowing what to expect. I ordered 6 sets to give my family to help us through the grief stages. Thank you so much for your clear concise explanations of the dying process, Sharon

Barbara - June 27 2019

Hi Veronica, Compassionate Friends is a national support group for people that are living with the loss of a child. You will find supportive people and resources there. My booklet My Friend, I Care offers guidance through grief but does not address children specifically. My blessings are with you. Barbara

Veronica Ibarra - June 27 2019

What can you suggest after the death? The death of a child at whatwver age can have so many repercussions to siblings and to couples grieving the loss of their adult child.

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