March 26 2018
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Barbara Karnes
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The Profound Affect of Dementia on Families

The Profound Affect of Dementia on Families


Janet - March 31 2018

These comments really hit home, as I was so far away from my mother when she developed dementia . As long as my father was alive, he was her caregiver. They moved into an independent living facility and for a few years, that worked. Then she began to decline in health with strokes, a broken hip, etc, and it began to take a toll on him. Eventually, he died, and his last words to my brother were “I just can’t do this anymore”. I truly believe that he, as the caregiver, was completely worn down and unable to fight off pneumonia. He gave up. Mom would not hear of having anyone else except my brother stay with her, so he couldn’t even get out of the house to have a moment to himself. Mom was moved into a memory care unit which was another wing of the wonderful facility in which they had resided. Suddenly, all of their friends drifted off and she hardly ever had any company. The Director of the facility told us that people on the Independent side were “scared” of going into the locked facility. Ultimately, she lived another 3 years with increasing dementia. By the last time I saw her, she didn’t know who I was, but kept saying that I looked familiar. Such a terrible disease.

Marlou Russell, PhD - March 27 2018

Another wonderful article! Thank you so much Barbara for shedding light and offering important information on topics of concern. I refer to your work often and know that my clients and friends have found clarity and compassion within your words. Thank you for all you do to break the denial of death and de-mystify the process of dying.

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