January 02 2018
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Barbara Karnes
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"WHY?" Questions Arising Following A Death

"WHY?"  Questions Arising Following A Death


Betty - January 06 2018

My mom passed aug 24 @ 7:20. 2027
I had found the booklet while she was in palative. I wish I could have gotten it soon. But I quit my job to be close with her after she had fallen fracturing her femure. At 91 Mom was a strong lady. Come through that operation , but I was told she (they) only last about 3 mon after the ordeal. I believe in afterlife. When she started asking about “who were those people” standing there?” I knew time was closing. Guided I did what was summoned for me to do , I went through this dying expierence with mom, she would say “ Betty, I don’t know what’s happening to me”. So Barb, when I found the booklet. I understood it , but we all were prepared ( family) we were all together when she was moved to palative ( she was having big episodes, gabglia strokes). But that Sunday the family spent our celebration of life while she could still see us (lost mobility & speech) and signal , when she finally passed I was there. It was rather wonderful experience & emotional. But knowing all was well We had s final esp moment. With that she left. She was not afraid to leave was looking forward to being with dad & my brother.
I in turn was happy for her I had 74 yrs with her.
She brought me into this world , held me & taught me. I was there to help her through her transition, & I held her hand as she left ,
What still I see is just how beautiful she looked , Mom did not have a wrinkle or a frown on her face. This glow of peace.
I gave the family your booklet. Gone …. to help them understand the process , needless to say., we were at peace with it all.
Our Christmas was of love & gratitude for a mother, grandmother , ggram,

Thank you. I wang toget 11 th hour.


Diana Eagy - January 04 2018

I have learned so much from you. I appreciate that you have shared your experiences with others to help ease them along in the grieving process. Thank you.

Mary - January 04 2018

Hi Barbara. I love reading your thinking. I feel warm inside as I think about those I have known who have died, which is now my entire immediate family. I feel comforted and encouraged to live as fully as I can in honor and appreciation of them. Thank you so much. Love, Mary

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