January 30 2018
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Barbara Karnes
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Grief During the Last Stages of His Life

Grief During the Last Stages of His Life


kenneth d marlatt - February 09 2018

yes I went through this process for almost 5 months with my wife of 60 years. to watch her slowly fade away but yet determine to beat death head on. we tried to keep her in any and all activities as a family. she was so brave right up to the end. she had actually more strength than I myself or our children who had been by her side from the very beginning. it has been almost 2 years since being gone and it doesn’t get any easier. we did so many things together that I find I miss her all that more. at least she got her final wish that she could pass away at home.

Kate - February 01 2018

Yes any info about greaving helps. Thankyou

Nancie Ryan - January 31 2018

Thank you for your writings. The little blue book brought comfort and understanding for me this past couple of months. I lost my Mother and Father two months apart.
I was able to identify with several things in the book.
Thank you again!

Nancy Buckingham - January 31 2018

My husband is on hospice at home and my brother lives with us and makes it possible for my husband to be home. They have told me anywhere from weeks to months and it will be 8 months soon. I do wait for that miracle. We have talked about everything, but it’s still difficult. We have been married 28 yrs, I’m 65 and he is about to turn 81, we worked together, we did everything together, it is hard.

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