IF I WERE -- a funeral home, a hospice worker, an attorney, a physician, a social worker, a nursing facility...

IF I WERE ——a funeral home, I would give end of life education materials to all who are making prearrangement funerals plans. It is an opportunity to provide education in an area that will be needed someday. 

IF I WERE ——an attorney, I would give my clients educational material on writing advance directives, so they can make informed choices.

IF I WERE —— an employee of a doctor's office, I would have in the reception area end of life information handouts as reading materials.

IF I WERE  —— a physician, I would have end of life materials to give to my patients who were approaching the end of their life. Patients that I was having a difficult time fixing. The materials would be part of my healing skills to guide them through their last breath.

IF I WERE —— a social worker, I would have on hand end of life education materials to offer to clients who are living with life threatening situations. Family members who are struggling with the challenge of caring for an elderly family member will also benefit greatly from the knowledge of what lies ahead.

IF I WERE ——an administrator of a nursing facility I would educate ALL of my staff in how to provide end of life care, in recognizing the signs of approaching death, and in the dynamics of dying to ensure that they have the tools to provide compassionate, knowledgeable care.

Dying isn't like it is in the movies. People don't know what it is like to die from disease or old age and while everyone is going to do it, most people are not prepared with the knowledge of what will happen and particularly what to do while the dying process is happening.

IF I WERE ——a hired caregiver, I would educate myself in the specialty of end of life care so that I can be a resourceful presence for my patients and families.

IF I WERE ——a hospice worker, I would educate, support, and guide people who can't be fixed (and their families) toward a gentle death.

IF I WERE  —— an end of life doula, I would be a consistent presence for those living with a life threatening illness. I would make every effort to be present in the hours to moments before death. I do not want them or their family to be alone.

IF I WERE —— an end of life educator, I would be that voice saying "Pay attention! Everyone needs this knowledge. Let me help you learn before you need it and be there when you do need it. Let me comfort you with knowledge, gentleness, and a presence as you travel this very normal part of life.”

Something More about...  IF I WERE -- a funeral home, a hospice worker, an attorney, a physician, a social worker, a nursing facility...

As an end of life educator, I say, "Pay Attention!".  I have resources to help you learn, to comfort you and help you understand the normal, natural way the body diesKnowledge reduces fear.  Let me help you. Here are some tools to help educate:

A must for educating staff (and meets medicare credentials) - THIS IS HOW PEOPLE DIE

A must for families with a dying loved one - GONE FROM MY SIGHT, The Eleventh HourNEW RULES for End of Life Care

Bereavement--  My Friend, I Care: The Grief Experience

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This is one of my favorite posts of yours, Barbara, and I love them all! Your words and work inspire me and touch my heart. I wish I had known about you long before I found your work. Thank you for all you have done and all the gifts you have given those of us fortunate enough to know your work. With gratitude and love,
BK Books replied:
Hi Nikki, thanks for the kind words. I particularly enjoyed writing this blog. Blessings! Barbara

Glen Davis

This is magnificent work, Barbara. I learned more from you than from anybody else before I wrote my book for fellow carers of people dying from dementia: “Coping with End of Life Issues: The Proven Formula For Successful Care of a Person with Dementia!” This book is now part of nursing degree courses in four continents, a surprise market for me. This shows how widely this information is still in demand.
Thank you for your thoughtful publications and your treasured friendship.

BK Books replied:
Always good to hear from you Glen. Congrats on the book. Blessings! Barbara


Your writings have helped me greatly in the last few months as my wife passed away. Thank you for helping both of us along on this journey. Now grief, sadness, loneliness, etc. This is so difficult and painful. I miss her so. That’s what love is all about.
BK Books replied:
Augie, I’m sorry to hear of your wife’s death. You may find my booklet My Friend, I Care comforting. Blessings to you. Barbara

Tracy Hester

I remember when I first started Hospice I did indeed think people died like in the movies. It didnt take long to learn this was not so. I look forward to your emails and I am still learning everyday.
BK Books replied:
Hi Tracy, Blessings to you in the work you are doing. Barbara

Kristi Burnett

100% AGREED!!!

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