April 18 2019
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Barbara Karnes
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8 Things to Consider Regarding End of Life Pain Management

8 Things to Consider Regarding End of Life Pain Management


christian wooden art - November 22 2019

Thank you for posting this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment.
I subscribed to your blog and shared this on my
Twitter. Thanks again for a great post!

Jacqueline - July 25 2019

My sisters & I were given ‘Gone From My Sight’ 16 years ago by hospice when our Mom passed. I still find comfort in reading the booklet when feeling sad and have shared a copy with friends to help bring understanding & peace to them as they experience loss. Thank you!

Barbara - July 24 2019

Hello Pashta,

Please give us a call in the office at 360-828-7132. We can look up your shipping on the USPS website for international and see if we can get a better deal for you.

Thank you for your interest!!


Pashta MaryMoon - July 24 2019

Hi Barbara,

Are you aware that the only shipping option for Canada costs more than the booklets themselves (I wanted to buy 10 of them)? I don’t remember this being the case where I ordered your other booklets.

Gerald Gillette - April 20 2019

Your book Gone from my Sight truly helped my sister and I better understand our mother’s death. We sat and read it to each other and it provided comfort through understanding. Thank you for that.

Derianna Mooney - April 20 2019

I have known and read your books for years. As a volunteer with End of Life Choices (Compassion and Dying, and Compassion and Choices for 21 years and a former hospice nurse, I have had ample time to truly covet the booklets you prepare for those of us working in end of life care.

Thank you for your passion and your work and your succinct writing.

I am so grateful.

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