May 14 2019
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Barbara Karnes
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WORKING TOGETHER, Hospice & Nursing Facilities

WORKING TOGETHER, Hospice & Nursing Facilities


Paula Schneider - May 15 2019

I’ve been away from hospice nursing for almost 10 years now, but spent many hours visiting patients in skilled nursing facilities during my time working in hospice (slightly over 10 years). It was challenging, especially when I myself was learning what hospice was and also trying to learn how to interact skillfully, professionally, and artfully with SNF staff. I made a few mistakes, and I grew from them. That being said, in reflection, we are really, bottom line, all working to make the patient’s end-of-life living and dying experiences the best they can be. Perhaps this should always be the emphasis as we continue to improve communication. SNF staff answer to many people, and I was told it’s the most highly regulated industry in America. They have to feel that pressure, and psychology and brain science studies tell us that when people are stressed and fearful they don’t become smarter; it usually goes the other way. I love the idea of providing education for SNF staff and I would add it doesn’t hurt to give SNF staff a pat on the back as we remind ALL team players that we are creating the space for patient comfort. One team, not two.

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