February 17 2020
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Barbara Karnes
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How Does "Fear of Life" Affect Dying?

How Does "Fear of Life" Affect Dying?


Amy - February 24 2020

I’ve been a nurse for 27 years, a hospice nurse for 15 years. Unfortunately, I suffer from anxiety and in a constant state of worry. I love my life, my family and just because I struggle in this world does not mean that I will approach death the same way . Renee, your sister will be just fine!!

Traci Eaton - February 21 2020

Thanks for this expansion on that phrase. It helps me understand myself and my approach to life which is , “git ’er done!” and informs my interest, for myself, in Death with dignity, assisted dying, or what ever it is called where you are. I know most people are not interested in being clear eyed realists in thinking about end of life matters for them selves or their loved ones until necessity forces it on them. Thank you for all you do to help them redeem themselves and be present to the process.

Renee - February 21 2020

As I was reading your explanation, it made so much sense. However, it also gave me an overwhelming sense of apprehension for my sister. She has had anxiety and fears entire life. It pains me to think her death will also be anxious and fearful for her. She is nowhere near the end of her life, it was just my first thought. Thank you for all you do!

Linda Conlin - February 21 2020

Thank you for sharing this. You gave me something to think about and reflect upon.
God bless you for helping us through the death experience.

nancy - February 21 2020

I’m a hospice volunteer and the best, most courageous and almost joyful death I’ve witnessed had been the death of a skier. That person was used to jumping off into oblivion. He greeted the death as an experience. It was actually pretty wonderful.

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