March 03 2020
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Barbara Karnes
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MOM IS DYING and There's So Much Blame

MOM IS DYING and There's So Much Blame


Barbara - March 06 2020

Hi Diana, thank you so much for sharing the outcome of your experience with your father. My blessings to you. Barbara

Barbara - March 06 2020

Hi Lena, about if people who do not have a religious belief die differently than those that do: I have not really seen a difference. We, no matter our belief are going to be afraid to some degree, when it comes time to die. We are facing the unknown and that is scary. Most of us, through out our life, have decided on a belief system, that belief may or may not include a god. Whatever our beliefs are we tend to keep them as we are dying. There are very few deathbed conversions. Our role in helping people as they approach the end of life is to support them in their beliefs, not introduce ours. Blessings! Barbara

Martha - March 06 2020

Our hospice nurse shared your books with us. So valuable to us at just the right time. Have shared with clergy and friends. Thank you for helping in our darkest hour.

Lena Deblanc - March 06 2020

You and/or your staff have been with many people who die “in peace” as Christian believers. I often wonder about people who die without belief in an after life or even a God. Can you share your experience in that area?

Diana - March 06 2020

Truly the best advise in the world. I had a similar issue in my family when my Dad passed away a few years ago. I emailed Barbara and she gave me such great suggestions, basically do not engage. It was with my Dad’s wife. I never engaged with her or her daughter and refused to argue. I spent time with my Dad and ignored everything they said. It’s not easy at all, but I am so glad I did because I was able to spend time with my dying father. The night my Dad passed away, I walked out of the house and have NEVER spoken to them again. Sometimes people just see things differently and you can’t do anything about it. Thank you again Barbara, you are the BEST!

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