February 03 2020
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Barbara Karnes
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DYING CHILDREN, How Much Do They Know?

DYING CHILDREN, How Much Do They Know?


Althea P. Halchuck, E-JD, CT - February 06 2020

For 9 months, I did my law school internship at a busy pediatric hospice in Southern California. At the time, it was the only one in the region that was staffed by teams solely trained in pediatrics. In meeting many of the children or hearing their cases in the team meetings, I agree with your nurse friend. Most of these young kids knew what was happening to them; they were dying. It was unfortunate that some of the parents refused to believe or discuss their child’s condition. At a time when a dying child needs their parent{s} the most, they were isolated and alone with their emotions and fears. Some kids acted out in order to be heard while others withdrew into themselves. It made a sad situation so much sadder.

Maggie Manning - February 06 2020

I have used Gone from My Sight when I am with families trying to comprehend death of their loved one. Excellent book. Glad discussion is happening to address children and death. I almost died at 10. Overheard adults talking. Realized I had received my Last Rights. . Pulled through. For most of my life I said, I’m never dying. I was terrified of death. I wish someone had helped me understand death. Today I’m blessed to walk end of life journey with others in Hospice. Death is scarry…the unknown.
Truth about feelings, information etc very important. Blessings.

ANNE DAIGLE - February 06 2020

There is a novel called “The Blood of the Lamb” by Peter De Vries. Should be required reading on the subject.

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