September 18 2019
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Barbara Karnes
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Mom Needs Hospice? Here are your questions to choose the right one...

Mom Needs Hospice?  Here are your questions to choose the right one...


Claudia Hauri - October 05 2019

When Mom became more frail, osteoporotic, refused to walk, exercise, & then some in April 2012 I thought maybe 6-8 months. She died July 2014. I was grateful that Vitas kept Mom until she died, as was our 24/7 caretakers. The meds, supplies, support were all there.
Thank you Barbara for your terrific contributions since the Kubler-Ross days of enlightenment. You bring us up-to-date in a precious, kind, firm real way.

Barbara - October 02 2019

Hi JoAnn, In response to your comment on my blog page, have you read my booklet How Do I Know You? It is about dementia at end of life. It may help you during this time of caring for your mom. Also contact your local Alzheimer’s organization. They can give you support, reading material and community resources.
Blessings to you and your mom. Barbara

JoAnn Maiorano - October 02 2019

Is “mom needs hospice” a book for sale? I have several of your books and they have really helped me!
My mom is 92 with dementia and is on hospice.. she lives with me! Any of your books you can recommend?

Bernie Lorenz - September 23 2019

Great Information

G Purdy - September 20 2019

I am a hospice volunteer and this information certainly benefits me to be aware of what not to answer as well as what To get family/patient to ask

Karolyn Kaye - September 20 2019

Excellent post! I try to keep up to date with hospice and this group is invaluable. I worked with our community’s first hospice as their Exec. back “in the day” before HMB and was there for 23 years. So many changes! I was fortunate to have a strong, supportive Board that saw the wisdom of fighting to remain free-standing, independent and (most importantly) not-for-profit. I continue to believe that patients and families need to ask:
Is your program for-profit or not-for-profit?
What is your percentage of indigent care?

I also believe that all hospices are not created equal; a not for profit hospice program would always be my preference.


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