Best Life Best Death Podcast, Part 1

Barbara Karnes, RN – hospice pioneer in the US and end-of-life educator extraordinaire – joins me to discuss her background, share her experience, and offer a few pearls of wisdom that we can put into practice today. How can we better understand the process of gradual death, and how can we benefit from “the gift of time” that is a gradual death? How can “gentle education” help our fear go down, so that we can be present for our loved ones?

Find support and resources on Barbara's website.  Her End of Life Guideline series bundle is a top resource in hospices and palliative care settings to support patients and families across the North America.

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Thank you for featuring our episode! Our talk was filled with so much valuable information and thought. Thank you again.
BK Books replied:
You’re welcome! Thank you for having me on the Best Life Best Death Podcast! I really enjoyed our time together and think we did good work. Blessings! Barbara


I’m deaf and I can’t hear the voice message. Could you typing it the same time you give your speech.
BK Books replied:
I’ll talk with our tech person. Some of our DVDs have closed caption. Blessings! Barbara

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