Aging, Angst & Alleluias Podcast

Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly and her guest, Barbara Karnes, get right to it from the beginning, describing Barbara's iconic hospice guide “the little blue book”, Gone from My Sight. Barbara says dementia at end of life and how the the disease "doesn't play by the rules" when it comes to the dying process.  Decreased eating and drinking, pain medications, and anticipatory grief is discussed in this supportive, informative conversation. This podcast will help families caring for their loved one with dementia.

Barbara is an internationally respected speaker, educator, author, and thought leader on matters of end of life. She is a renowned authority on the dying process and a leading educator for families, healthcare professionals, and the community at large.

Barbara's award winning DVDs and books about death and dying are changing lives - in this country and around the world. In her work, Barbara compassionately explains stages of the dying process, living with a life threatening illness, pain management, and how people grieve. She explains how important it is to take care of yourself as a caregiver and offers guidelines for professionals.  
For more information on Barbara and her life as an American Hospice Pioneer, plus her resource of materials, get on her website to find support.

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