Best Life Best Death, Part 2 "Sticky Questions"

In Part II of our conversation, Barbara Karnes, RN and I move into talking about some harder questions that come up in the end-of-life arena, including: When someone is reluctant to have a conversation about the end of life, how might we approach the topic? Is calling in hospice a “defeat” in some way? How has hospice changed and evolved in the years since it first began in the U.S.? How do “doulas” fit into the picture? And in not talking about death directly – or perhaps in not experiencing it as directly as the generations before us – what have we lost? What do we have to gain?  Listen Here! 

Do you want to how to best support a loved one facing end of life? Watch Barbara's award winning 28 minute film with family and friends to gather the tools and reduce your fears. 


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