October 28 2019
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Barbara Karnes
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What Comes Next? Dementia at End of Life

What Comes Next?  Dementia at End of Life


Sherrie Franklin - May 27 2020

OMG!!! I’m caregiver for my aunt. She’s 84. She’s been a fall risk for about a year. After the last fall, she fought therapy and is now bed ridden. In the past three months, (since her last fall), there’s been a rapid decline in her mental capacity. I can definitely relate to the story of the daughter taking care of her mom. The biggest difference is my aunts appetite isn’t as good. She stopped eating for a while, then it picked up for a couple of weeks, now it’s off again. It’s unbelievable to see the rapid changes! One great thing, she’s in Hospice care. They’re amazing and of great help! Because of Covid 19, her services were drastically cut. The nurse comes every other week and the weeks she doesn’t come, we have a virtual visit. But I’m truly grateful. Looking forward to reading your literature. Thank you. Your explanations are very helpful.

Claudia Hauri - November 11 2019

Regarding the 79 yo father developing dementia…….Right on Barbara!
When my 100 yo mother started forgetting & becoming confused beginning 2013nmy brother & I enrolled her in hospice. She remained enrolled for 1.5 yrs. The last 6 months was called: Failure to Thrive as a Dx.
Today the limits might be more strict since quantity vs. quality might reign in a business model.
Hospice was a great help, for me, an RN/BSN since 1964, Family Nurse Practitioner ‘76, & an EdD (teacher nurse ’89) who couldn’t see the forest for the trees. The medications delivered, the added help ( we had 24/7 ) for ADLs, the RN visits, SW visits, Chaplain if needed. Mom finally gave up the challenge against .death 2 months shy of 101.
Start interviewing for a Hospice now. On a wind & a prayer my energy is with you, hugs & luv, C

Trish - November 11 2019

My mother died of Alzheimer’s, but beforehand she had several years of what we thought was “dementia” … it was a living nightmare.
One moment she seemed with us – the next it was as if she had checked out – not knowing who she was or who we were.
For her to live such a full life, yet, in the end forgetting it ALL was beyond NOT FAIR!!! Yes, I know Life isn’t fair, but it’s been 7 years since her death and I still struggle to make sense of any of it.
My mother was a strong, proud woman who would have been mortified if she’d known some of the things she’d done in the last few years of her life after she had lost her mind.
Dementia and Alzheimer’s is the worst of diseases.
Thank You for letting me vent.

Barbara - October 30 2019

Hi Kathleen, to purchase my booklet How Do I Know You? you can go to our website and click on shop, email us at, or call us at 360-828-7132. It is $3.00 plus shipping and handling which is $2.00. Thanks for asking. Blessings! Barbara

Kathleen Starbuck - October 30 2019

My husband is in the early stages of dementia. How and where can I get your book.
I’ve read all your other books, they are so helpful. Thank you!

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