April 08 2020
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Barbara Karnes
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In This Time of Great Fear, DYING 101

In This Time of Great Fear, DYING 101


Marilyn Falk - July 14 2020

My husband passed away here at home 3 weeks ago, although it seems like only a few days ago. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without the wonderful support of my Hospice team
and Chaplain, as well as my co-workers and family. But they eventually have to reurn to their lives
and responsibilities. At first it was easier to pretend that he was still in the hospital, or recovering
in rehab. I had seen your book; Gone From My Sight in the Hospice folder, but I wasn’t ready to accept the possibility of his leaving. Today, I took it from the folder and read it. It was like a replay
of the things I had just experienced while caring for him. It was sad, beautiful and helpful. I am very grateful that you have chosen to dedicate your life to this very important work! By helping us to
grasp an understanding of the end of life, you have opened a window of hope, and strengthened our faith. I purchased your collection from Amazon for my e-reader. Thanks and God bless!

barbara - April 09 2020

Hi Jimmy, you didn’t say how long ago your love died. You sound like it was recently. I have no words of comfort. Nothing I or anyone else can say will make you feel better. This is what grief is, agonizing, no relief, emotional pain. It is questions with no answers, breathing without purpose. Jimmy, I hear your pain, I understand your pain. My offering to you is to think about living your life, from this point onwards, as a tribute of the love and life you shared with your special person. Let everything you do moving forward be your gift of love. “I do this in your name”. I do this for what we were” “I do this with you on my shoulder, in my heart, in my life”. " I will live my life to the best I can for the both of us”. My blessings are with you. Barbara

barbara - April 09 2020

Hi Jennifer, you asked about a “tool kit”. I haven’t heard of my work as a tool kit but it certainly is. All of my materials are written as guides, as tools, in the end of life journey. You can look at the different booklets and DVDs and find the one or ones that address the situation you living with. Go to my website, and read any of the blogs and look at the different materials.
Blessings! Barbara

Patricia stevens - April 09 2020

My husband passed away eight months ago and all your booklets helped me thru the ordeal.I have read them all several times and I thoroughly enjoy your emails! Thank you so much! Patricia

Diana Page - April 09 2020

This is helpful. Thank you.

Merilynne Rush - April 09 2020

Dear Barbara,
Thank you so much for this very soothing post. It really helps calm the terrible distress we “watchers” feel. You are an amazing caregiver to us all.

Jimmy Ennis - April 09 2020

I have just recently lost the love of my life and 56 wonderful years of marriage ,and I am having a hard time with it and have even considered suicide but I read all the books about nde experience and grieving books but I just can’t get any peace and I just break down for hours and cry. I am just about at my rows end.

Mary A Debnam - April 09 2020

Thanks for your emails,and you perspective ,about what to do and
how to feel and understand things in this crisis we are having.

I have read all of your books and they have helped me through a lot
of things.
My husband ,the love of my life for 59 years ,died from Alz. A little
over a year ago. The hospice care had one of your books in their packet.
that is how I got acquainted with your books..
Thanks for the work you do.

DrCheryl Demalignon - April 09 2020

Thank you so much for your understanding of what it means to die and what the death process entails. I think most people are more afraid of dying and thus not living in the moment.If we can get a grip on understanding and not fearing what is going to be the end of our journey here on earth, maybe we can accept that death is just another transformation we all will make, maybe we can reduce fear and learn how to truly love and be in the present! This will reduce issues like the coronavirus that has shaken the universe to its core.

Dr Cheryl Ann Demalignon
Transpersonal Psychologist
Transpersonal Relationship Growth

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