April 22 2020
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Barbara Karnes
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Front Line Workers, Do You Have Self Care Rituals?

Front Line Workers, Do You Have Self Care Rituals?


Christine - May 21 2020

This is such valuable content. It should be essential reading for everyone to help them prepare to help a sick and dying loved one and to prepare for their own eventual death.
In my life I have had a lot of experience of being present with dying, and dead, loved ones and also dozens of patients during my nursing career.
I wish such clear and compassionate information had been available to me back then.

Kirk Bitton - April 22 2020

One of my self-care rituals has always been music. Raised in the 70s, Rock and Roll was my escape mechanism/therapy for my youth. As I’ve gotten older my tastes have changed, but the effect music has on me still remains. Everything from classical to heavy metal can take me to different places and helps me “compartmentalize.” It’s an escape for me, gives me a chance to regroup and reenergize. Different music for different moods!

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