Six Months To Live? A Doctor's Prediction

Dear Barbara, our doctor says my husband will most likely die before six months. He has diabetes, dementia, is on dialysis which doesn’t help him, has not since he started last February. Doctor says he also has disease of the arteries and heart disease. He has been in and out of the hospital many times. He is now home and sleeps almost all day. He still has a good appetite. So my question is will he die within the six months our doctor gives him?

In response to your question: no one can be so specific as to put a number on how long someone has to live. There are many dynamics that influence when death from disease occurs that have nothing to do with the disease or the body processes. Factors affecting the time of death other than medical factors are: we have unconscious and limited control over the time that we die. Our personality tends to affect when we die. How we have approached living is often reflected in our dying. We die the way we’ve lived. A-type personalities tend to die quicker than more relaxed, sedate personalities.

So many factors affect the length of our labor to leave this world that it is imprudent to put a specific time frame on approaching death. The closest we can credibly come to predicting when death is going to arrive is to guesstimate the time in months or weeks with no numbers attached. When you are dealing with days or hours, even without putting a number on them, we cannot generally be accurate in predicting when death will happen.

Based on what you have told me of your husband diseases and his body's response to them and the treatments he is receiving I will be surprised if he is here next year at this time. A lot depends on the treatments, dialysis and medications, that he is receiving. If the dialysis is not working you can stop it. You can decrease the medications he is on. Talk with your husband's doctors about comfort care instead of aggressive care. There comes a point where we can in good conscious say "enough is enough", "keep him comfortable" and call in hospice for the support it will give you.

I don't mean to sound harsh but yes, your husband is dying and it sounds like we are looking at months. How many no one can say. Maybe it is time to stop trying to "fix" him and have your goal be to keep him comfortable as his body releases itself from this earth.

Something More... about Six Months To Live?

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Hi Patricia, thank you for your comments on my blog article. Ignore the 6 to 8 months the doctors have said and just enjoy each day that you both have together. Finding specialness in each day will make your remaining time together more meaningful. Isn’t that how life is really meant to be lived? Blessings! Barbara


I just read the comment on a person with 6months to live.My husband also has been given 6-9 months to live starting last Oct. due to asbestosis and cholangiocarcinoma with no treatment due to his frail medical condition.he is almost 89 yrs old and does not want to hear the word HOSPICE. However he is a good patient ,not too demanding.i have 4 of your booklets and find them very knowledgeable and comforting to read and reread! THANK YOU

Maggie Baer

Yes, it’s me yet again! Thank you for an excellent topic and feedback! Many of us in healthcare and hospice have been wrestling with this information and misinformation for what seems like forever. I can state hundreds of examples that illustrate erroneous predictions. And, it can go either way. So many times the predictions are short term 3-6 months…or the opposite.. 1 year and the patient dies in a few days ( my particular case with my Mom.

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