It’s Called “Beyond Burnout”

Dear Barbara, We have heard the terms "compassion fatigue" and "caregiver burnout." Today, after covid, it is being called "beyond burnout." What are your thoughts about this?

Doesn’t it feel like the world has sped up? Everything is so intense these days. That energy affects us all on many levels. Our minds and our feelings are constantly being touched with so much negative energy, world wide. When you add to the external happenings our own individual challenges and you have “beyond burnout.”

What do you do about it? I’m not sure there is much we can do to change the whole world or even change the smaller world of our immediate surroundings.

BUT we can address our own inner world, that energy within ourselves.

We must put our oxygen mask on first in order to have the energy to affect our immediate world. What are the areas of your life that are most challenging? What can you do to adjust them? Who are the people in your life that bring you comfort and support? Seek them out. What are the areas that are bringing you stress? Can you change them? Can you adjust them?

We tend to live our lives like gerbils on a wheel, going round and round but really going nowhere. Day in and day out, same old, same old. We fall into bed exhausted and wondering what did I do today?

Life goes by so quickly; in a blink of an eye it’s over. I had a teacher suggest I ask myself these questions each night before I go to sleep. What did I trade a day of my life for? Was there joy, fulfillment, and peace of mind on this day?

If none of those are there what can you do to have them? Life is so short. We who work in end of life are continually reminded how short life is. We help others live the best they can. Do we practice what we preach? Why don’t we care for ourselves just as well?

Something More…  It’s Called “Beyond Burnout”

I want to share this episode of The Heart of Hospice Podcast where we discuss my wishes for professional caregivers to take care of themselves. In it I suggest that these caregivers be given my booklet, You Need Care Too: Self Care for the Professional Caregiver

Let this booklet be your companion, offering ideas and insights to enhance your personal well-being while supporting, educating, and guiding patients and their families. Many agencies have already embraced this resource, using it alongside our powerful 25-minute film, Care For the Care Giver, to promote self-care among their staff and team members..

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We are always at choice on how we want to LIVE our lives. If I choose to focus on the media or other outside sources, then I give away my choice to fulfill my life as I see fit. There are many paradigms that were created decades ago that no longer serve our 21st century culture. “We’ve always done it this way,” is a common refrain. And, if “it” no longer serves the greater purpose, it’s time for a change. And change requires making a different choice. If I say, “I had no choice.” That is a choice too. Choosing not to choose is choosing. Saying that life is short is a false statement. Time is a manmade construct. There is only now. When I live from this consciousness, my life is FULL (not busy) and I have prioritized living right now, rather than surviving to the next shift change, vacation, children off to college, etc. Our bodies are magnificent creations. I am the only one who can maximize my livingness. It is not dependent on anyone or anything outside of me. Peace and blessings. YOU are magnificent!
BK Books replied:
Beryl, thank you for sharing. Blessings! Barbara

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