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Zoom Booklet - You Need Care Too: Self Care For The Professional Caregiver This booklet is filled with ideas and guidance for the nurse, social worker, nurse’s aide, chaplain, physician, end of life doula, or Eleventh Hour volunteer. Anyone who is immersed in the responsibilities of supporting, educating, and guiding a person and their family through the dying experience can find insight into making their work healthier.

You Need Care Too: Self Care for the Professional Caregiver

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Empower yourself as an end-of-life caregiver and prioritize your well-being. Order this insightful booklet today and discover valuable self-care guidance specifically designed for professionals like you who support individuals through the dying process.

As caregivers, we face unique challenges in our work that can lead to burnout and emotional strain. This booklet acknowledges these difficulties and offers practical suggestions to promote balance and healthier practices. It recognizes that end-of-life care is different from traditional caregiving and provides guidance tailored to the needs of nurses, social workers, chaplains, physicians, and other dedicated professionals involved in this profound work. 

Let this booklet be your companion, offering ideas and insights to enhance your personal well-being while supporting, educating, and guiding patients and their families. Many agencies have already embraced this resource, using it alongside our powerful 25-minute film, Care For the Care Giver, to promote self-care among their staff and team members.

5 star customer review for You Need Care Too by Barbara Karnes

Invest in your own well-being while providing the best care possible. Order now and embark on a journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling end-of-life caregiving experience.


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