November 16 2015
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Barbara Karnes, RN
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Does Morphine Hasten Death?

Does Morphine Hasten Death?


Jewelz - June 11 2017

Thank you for sharing. I went through a similar situation with my father. I had to make the decisions for him. We conversed about his decisions months prior to his passing. I had to be strong for my family, but most importantly my father. He made his decisions till the bitter end. One important thing to remember is; obey the persons wishes. No matter how much it hurts, or family members opinions. My fathers wish was not to feel pain. I did not want my father to feel like a fish gasping for air. My father went home to heaven, surrounded by family after battling stage 4 lung cancer. This disease endures so much physical pain on a person. I hope this helps someone else going through a similar situation.

Judie - June 10 2017

Thank you.

Judie - June 10 2017

Very difficult decisions! “To have or not to have morphine in the last stages.” I know of someone with an almost identical experience. Great article with clarity and comfort for those with very similar experiences.

kelvin craddock - May 26 2017

I was wondering about this myself since my wife was given morphine for cancer until she passed away. This makes me feel somewhat better.

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