The Hospice Nursing Podcast with James Dibben

In this episode I am privileged to interview Barbara Karnes, RN.

Barbara is an award winning end of life educator, award wining nurse, NHPCO Winner 2018 & 2015 International Humanitarian Woman of the Year.

Yeah, she’s a big deal, and she took time out of her busy schedule to spend some time on the show.

To start out the episode, Barbara tells us the story of how she first entered hospice as a volunteer even though she was an RN.

She shares with us the origin of “The Hospice Blue Book” also known as “Gone From My Sight.”

Barbara also introduces us to her new booklet, “Always Offer, Never Force: Food at the End of Life.” She explained how this booklet is the result of her own experience with the loss of her husband recently.

We discuss why death is actually not a medical event, and we talk about pain at the end of life.

Finally, Barbara give us some self care tips that include ways of having closure with the loss of our patients.

Please be sure to check out her website at to pick up your own copies of all her booklets.

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I was a very active 63yo woman dx in Nov w/ stage IV pancreatic cancer.
What I would like to see is a booklet guiding us Earthlings to honor who we are as the dying, ‘to sit quietly’, ‘to listen’, ‘to give us time to express our feelings while in this ‘state of being’. We’ve never been here before, please give us time, please hold my space-physical, emotional, spiritual.
BK Books replied:
Ellen, thank you for sharing. You’re so right, being a listener is one of the gifts we can give to those who walk the ending of life road. Blessings to you. If I can be of support, use Barbara

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