Mom Is Dying and She Hasn't Eaten

There is a normal, natural way that people die. When a person begins reducing their food and water intake families can be alarmed. But this is normal. The body no longer needs the "fuel". I address this issue in my video. You may learn more about food and the dying process here: My booklets, GONE FROM MY SIGHT (the hospice blue book) and THE ELEVENTH HOUR, A Guide to the Hours and Minutes Before Death will provide a guide as you navigate your loved ones dying process. Blessings, Barbara 

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Veronica M Stolzer

You’re right about it comes when it comes. It comes when the Almighty calls us all home. Some go sooner, others not so soon. I am grateful to have you as a resource in my work as a hospice volunteer. May God bless you.


Good points and helpful!


I found you a couple of weeks ago and am SO Grateful! Want to say thank you for all that you do! You are a treasure of a resource. May God bless and reward you, abundantly!

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