Update for "THE FINAL ACT OF LIVING, Reflections of a Long Time Hospice Nurse

Here is the updated version of my book "The Final Act of Living". I wrote a new preface, but the timeless material has stayed the same. This book is written from my stand point as a long time hospice nurse starting in the very early days of hospice. In it I educate the reader about the dying process, tell stories from the front line and explain how to make a loved ones dying experience more sacred. Blessings, Barbara 

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barbara karnes

Hi Eileen, thank you so much for sharing with me how you and your dad read my book together. I love that you shared a closeness while gaining knowledge to help you both through this life experience. Blessings! Barbara

Eileen Broderick

Thank you Barbara for your work. My 95 year old Dad and I read this book together in the years before his home death. It helped us both understand the slow death from old age, but not due to disease process. He would joke that “this pregnancy is sure going on a long time.” In a moment of awakening during his death he joked “I think labor has started.” Because of your book my Dad and I were able flow gracefully with his last act of life. He died peacefully in his own bed surrounded by love. Thank you for all you are and do in our world.


As a hospice nurse, I recommend this book all the time! I feel that knowledge is power and when patients and families understand how the body dies, they know a little more about what to expect, and it makes the process much less scary! This book, along with Gone From My Sight, are the two best resources anyone can give to folks and families dealing with a terminal illness.

Gina Malm

I’m excited to check out the new edition. Thank you for sharing such incredibly insightful information with all of us. I’m a huge fan of yours Ms Karnes … Thank you!

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