Let's Talk Death Podcast

In this episode of Let's Talk Death Podcast by Healgrief.org, Barbara shares an experience from when she was a 16-year-old nurse’s aide asked to sit with someone dying. Terrified to do so, she was told to let them know, meaning the nurse’s station, when the person died.

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Wow! I am so amazed at Barbara’s story. I will be sending her a personal email. Thank you Barbara. I turly loved what you had to say.


An insightful look into this Pioneer’s path with splashes of solid life advice. LOVED the talk.


Barbara is an amazing soul that I feel easily connected to. So often I have said I should have gone into nursing, and I am a social worker.
Thank you for sharing her in this video. God certainly had a plan.

Lynda Pietroforte

So happy to hear Barbara’s journey. She has changed many, many lives.

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