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I'm happy to be featured on an insightful episode of Daughterhood The Podcast, hosted by Rosanne Corcoran.
Daughterhood The Podcast is a monthly series aimed at providing support and resources for caregivers navigating the complexities of caring for their loved ones.
Rosanne Corcoran, the host, brings her authentic voice and deep understanding of the challenges caregivers face through her own journey as a primary caregiver. 
In this episode, we delved into the often-overlooked topic of end-of-life care. I had the pleasure of sharing insights and tips based on my 50 years of experience as a nurse and end-of-life educator, discussing important aspects such as choosing the right hospice, understanding physical and emotional changes at end of life, and how caregivers can prepare themselves for those final moments.
Thank you for being part of this community, and I hope you find the podcast episode helpful and enlightening.



Resources discussed on this episode:

The Eleventh Hour

Gone From My Sight

By Your Side: A Guidebook for Caring for the Dying at Home

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Teri Voras

Just listened to your podcast on Daughterhood.
Remember, there are Moms that die in the middle of the night. There are daughters that simply get a call and it’s over. Daughters may have said what needed to be said, but that is not in that moment of death.
BK Books replied:
Hi Teri, thanks for your comment. Blessings! Barbara

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