EOL University - How to Choose the Best Hospice for Your Loved One

On this episode we discuss why we hope people will choose hospice for care at the end of life and how to choose the right hospice for their loved one.

This episode includes:

  • Why we need to do our own research on hospices that are available to us
  • How Medicare-certified hospices can differ from one another
  • The importance of having a primary nurse assigned to each hospice patient
  • Why you need to ask about the availability of inpatient care for private pay
  • Understand that families have to provide the 24/7 care at home
  • Ask how often visits will occur and how long each visit will last
  • Ask if staff members prioritize being there at the time of death
  • Find out how quickly first visit will occur
  • Don’t just go with the hospice recommended by the hospital discharge planner
  • Ask about the quality of bereavement support offered
  • Resource for this episode:  BY YOUR SIDE: A Guide for Caring for the Dying at Home

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mary keenan

Having been a Hospice RN since the late 90’s. I could not agree with Barbara more!
BK Books replied:
Thank you Mary. Blessings to you in the work you’re doing. Barbara


What a great podcast. So many fantastic nuggets. I am an EOLD building my practice as well as a volunteer Doula for a hospice agency. As was stated by the previous commenter – LOVE having the volunteer or EOLD accompany the family to bereavement group. Thank you for this podcast!!
BK Books replied:
You’re welcome Nancy. Blessings to you in the good work you’re doing. Barbara

Line' Donnelly

This was a great episode! I just started my EOLD practice and really like the idea of accompanying a client to the Bereavement group.

I want to be an advocate for hospice so this was a very informative talk

We were trained in our End of Life doula training to do grief re-processing, usually up to 3 phone calls.

I do love the idea of encouraging families/ or a member who are grieving to come with me to these sessions. At least make the offer one time to get them to use this resource,

Thank you!

Line’ Donnelly
BK Books replied:
Hi Line’, glad my idea on bereavement support resonated with you. Blessings to you in the EOL work you are doing. Barbara

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