It Is Okay Not to Eat.

Dying a gradual death is a process. It doesn’t just happen. That process generally takes 2 to 4 months. A key part of the natural way to die involves food.

Food keeps our body alive. It keeps us grounded, gives us energy, fuel. It is the “gas” we put in our earthly vehicles to keep them running.

Months before gradual death our appetite changes. Food isn’t appealing. We are just not interested in eating. Over a period of 2 to 4 months a person will gradually stop eating.

Families worry, families push food. Families and caregivers seem to concentrate all their energies on food while the person who has entered the dying process reaches a point where they just can’t eat. Not eating becomes a big deal. It is a focus we as family think we can control. We can make food, we can encourage eating. It is something we can do while we feel helpless with everything else.

Now here comes the challenge for we caregivers. It’s okay for our loved one not to eat once they have entered the dying process. They are reaching a point of just not being able to eat. The body doesn’t want the food. We, as family, should always offer food but let’s not force our loved one to eat. Food keeps us alive. The body is preparing to die. The body stops needing the energy that food gives. Slowly over a period of a few months the normal natural process of dying from disease involves not eating.

*If disease is not involved and a person is slowly dying from old age their eating habits will change also and they will eat less and less. It is just that their time frame may take years.

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