How Sad It Is.

Comment: “How sad it is. My brother, age 51, is a single dad with one son and (my brother is) dying of kidney cancer. He gave a fight but he's losing the battle. Our family is mourning and at the same time worried about the endless mounting bills. Now we are trying to keep my brother in a hospital setting because he can't afford to be sent home or go to a nursing home (he falls in the too young category) and his son doesn’t want his father to die at home...this is part of dying that stinks. It’s not written in any books.”

There are so many cracks in our medical system that people fall through. The above note to this website is an example of one of them. This man is too young for medicare assistance, has too much money for Medicaid, but nursing facilities and in home care are too expensive. Someone wanting to die at home but family not wanting or unable to care for them because of fear, lack of support, or just the 24/7 responsibilities.
Who ever wrote this is right: “How sad it is.”

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