November 27 2019
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Barbara Karnes
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How Can I Celebrate The Holidays When I Feel So Sad?

How Can I Celebrate The Holidays When I Feel So Sad?


AL - December 01 2019

In the Mexican tradition, we follow the Dias De Los Muertos, a day that we share with the dead. We use the 30 days to share with those who have passed on. It is a celebration of life. Many of us make special altar altar that we keep up to keep friends and family near us. It is not intended to be scary, it is intended to be lovable.

Barbara - November 29 2019

Hi Howard, your blog question of what about if the person is alive doesn’t give me enough information to be specific BUT here are some thoughts: if they are at home, include them, love them, make them the center of the day. It will be melancholy because you know they won’t be here next year but make it a day of love and specialness. If they are not at home, go visit, eat at the hospital, nursing facility, or hospice house with them—even if they are asleep or even non responsive. Talk with them as if they can hear you (a part of them can). It is okay to laugh, be thankful, cry, crawl in bed, hug, sit on the bed (all while your loved one is non responsive). You ask if the letter writing makes sense before the death. I’m not sure how the letters would work if the person is still alive although I recommend each person spend time with the dying person (when they are non responsive, days, hours, minutes before death) and talk from the heart about everything, positive and negative, that is part of the relationship.
My blessings are with you. Barbara

Howard Hunt - November 29 2019

Do you have special advice for families celebrating while their loved one is in hospice but still alive?
Does the letter writing make some sense for them also?

gk - November 29 2019

Thank you for this. I lost my brother unexpectedly 2 weeks ago – he was the person in charge of cooking our Thanksgiving meal! I’m still reeling from the loss so this was really helpful. Thank you.

kathy frisken - November 29 2019

my husband of 46 years died december 29th, 2017. thank you for the lovely ideas to
get through this sad season. i will definately use these ideas. thank you so much.
this truly is a sad time of the year.

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