January 06 2016
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Barbara Karnes, RN
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Forcing Fluids At End Of Life

Forcing Fluids At End Of Life


Barbara - May 03 2019

Hi Olga, thank your sharing about your mother’s request for gatorade. We have limited control over the time that we die. I know that sounds strange but it is true. I am wondering if your mother’s last gift to you was sending you to get the gatorade while she took her last breath. We often protect our children from many things. This could have been your mother protecting you, her gift of love. Blessings! Barbara

Olga Diaz - May 03 2019

In the last hours of my mom whom was dying of cancer, she requested water several times and would drink. The last thing she asked for was gatorade which she never got to drink for when I came back, she had passed away, her eyes open. After reading this, I wonder if she asked for liquids for me not to realize she was passing away. She had that strange breathing that paused. I had asked her to tell me what was wrong(I did not know she was going to die already), she said she would tell me in the morning, it was morning…then she asked me for the gatorade.

Barbara - September 12 2018

Hi Sharon, you are right to let go of the idea that your husband needed water and needed to be kept hydrated. Hydration actually creates discomfort when death is approaching. My blessings are with you. Barbara

Sharon Magana - September 12 2018

Thank you for your explanation of the last few days of life. My husband died several days after the death rattle and I always had the fear I could not provide him with the amount of water he needed. He could no longer suck water, speak or in any way let his intentions regarding thirst be given to me. He could still swallow and would take water from a syringe at a limited amount. I have lived with a guilt that I may have dehydrated him and caused his death. Thank you for explaining this very important matter.

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