Zoom Barbara Karnes, RN End of Life Series Brought to you by HCP Training
Zoom The Labor of Dying: The Caregivers' Role - Q: What is the caregivers role in these last moments? To guide the family into being able to see the beauty and feel the sacredness of this experience.
Zoom Dying: Both Unique and the Same - The key is to ask questions and make observations about three pertinent areas. Barbara Karnes, RN explains

End of Life Online Training Series


This course is like my other work- short, simple, and gentle. No medical terminology. It is a simple, straightforward, easy to understand explanation of the dying process.

It's written for everyone: medical and non-medical personnel, family caregivers, and those that want to know more about end of life.

Blessings, Barbara




Home Care Pulse is Barbara’s exclusive partner for creating courses with her cherished content.  

Access 6 essential End-of-Life Courses authored by hospice pioneer, Barbara Karnes.

Please note: this is a SINGLE SEAT that provides 5 hours of continuing education credit for one care professional.

Unlimited Use for One Care Professional for One Year.



End-of-Life Series Overview

Dynamics of Dying

Course Objectives:

  • The two ways to die and how personality plays a part in the dying process.
  • The basic timeline of the dying process. 
  • The three key signs of approaching death that often appear in the months and weeks before death.
  • How to spot common changes in the labor pattern and assist clients accordingly in the hours and minutes before death.
  • How to recognize important considerations that often occur before death and respond in an empathetic way to comfort the client and his or her family.

Supporting Patient Choices and Directives at End-of-Life

Course Objectives:

  • To understand advance Care Plans at end-of-life (including Advance Directives, DNR, POLST, and Durable Medical Power of Attorney).
  • How to identify ways to support a client's end-of-life choices.
  • How to apply relevant laws and regulations.
  • How to identify ways to support the family during funeral planning.


Physical Care at End-of-Life

Course Objectives:

  • The relationship between changes in eating habits and the dying process.
  • The recommendations for nutrition as a person approaches the end of their life.
  • At least three ways to assist clients at end-of-life with skin care, positioning, mouth care, and bowel care.
  • The role of oxygen, intravenous fluid, and medications at end-of-life.


Communication Skills For End-of-Life Care

Course Objectives:

  • Respectful communication for end-of-life care.
  • Appropriate communication approaches to talk to children and their families when children approach the end of life.
  • Strategies to navigate the difficult conversations common to end-of-life care.


Supporting Faith at End-of-Life

Course Objectives:

  • To define "spirituality" and identify the basic beliefs of different religions that may be encountered in end-of-life care.
  • To recognize how having either faith or no faith may impact the end of life.
  • To understand the role in guiding people through their end-of-life experience and supporting their chosen beliefs.  


Pain at End of Life

Course Objectives:

  • To recognize why pain management may become more difficult during the final period of dying.
  • To identify appropriate actions for helping to monitor and manage pain at end of life, including the care professional’s role in drug and non-drug strategies.



Barbara Karnes End of Life Online Training Series

Barbara Karnes, RN End of Life Series Brought to you by HCP Training

End of Life Online Training Series