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Zoom A Place In My Heart, When Our Pet Dies is an explanation of the dying process, signs that often occur as death approaches, and ideas for what can be done during that time.

A Place In My Heart: When Our Pets Die

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For people faced with the loss of a beloved animal, A Place In My Heart: When Our Pets Die offers direction and support during a difficult and seldom understood time

The experience of a pet dying is traumatic for us. We find ourselves feeling fear, confusion, and apprehension. We want to help, but don't know what to do. This booklet provides signs of approaching death, burial options and support through the grief process.

A Place In My Heart is the Gone From My Sight for those who are facing the death of a beloved animal. 

Like all of Barbara's booklets, A Place In My Heart is written in large print and the information is conveyed in a simple, direct yet gentle manner.   



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