The Little Blue Book... and so much more: An End-Of-Life Series for Hospices


For 35 years, hospices, hospitals, and organizations providing end-of-life care have been using Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience, to support families through their loved ones’ dying experience. Gone From My Sight, "The Hospice Blue Book", written by renowned end of life educator and Hospice Pioneer Barbara Karnes RN, has become an essential tool for hospice workers to prepare families for their loved ones’ final moments.  

Gone from My Sight is part of a larger collection of Barbara's work called, The End of Life Guideline Series. This series of booklets for hospice workers  provides families with the knowledge and comfort they need to understand the dying and grieving process. The series also significantly improves CAHPS scores and meets Medicare requirements for consistent patient/family education.

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Hospice, Hospital, and Nursing Facility Education for Families

Hospice care is not just about facilitating a comfortable death for the patient. It includes teaching and guiding families and friends though the dying process.

Our end-of-life booklets for hospices, hospitals, death doulas, and end of life professionals provide a resource to comfort and educate the family so they can be fully present for the death of their loved ones. These booklets are written on a fifth grade reading level and in large print.

The End of Life Guideline Series consists of the following materials. They can be given to families in the series or given individually as the patient’s progression dictates.   

The End of Life Guideline Series does not just benefit those who are losing a loved one. These booklets offer guidance for hospice nurses, hospital workers, in-home caregivers, death doulas, chaplains, and religious figures.  


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Barbara’s Story

Barbara Karnes, in her work as a hospice nurse, realized there are just two ways to die, suddenly or gradually and that gradual death had a process to it. She wrote Gone from My Sight to educate and guide her patient’s families through the dying experience. You can learn more about Barbara here.

Barbara Karnes’ materials are more than just booklets. When you start using the End of Life Guideline Series, you and your organization will be a part of the BK Books community. Join end-of-life professionals from across the globe and connect with Barbara herself for insights specific to your hospice. 


What Our Customers Are Saying

Gone From My Sight is a gift to all of those seeking to understand death and the dying process. It is a valuable resource to hospice staff and those they serve. We receive rave reviews from family members about The Hospice Blue Book that demystifies the stages of dying and leaves them feeling more prepared, and at ease, as their loved ones' lives come to a close. Barbara Karnes, RN writes with clarity and simplicity and this book is proof positive - good things come in small packages  - Betty Oldanie, RN, BSN, MS, Vice President Planning, Suncoast Hospice   



So helpful and convenient for EOL Doulas! I love these books because the topics are direct, the writing is clear, and the font is large. These are all helpful for people who are grieving. As an End of Life Doula, I use these booklets frequently to give to my clients whose loved one is dying or has just died (the yellow one). I include them with as part of a "grief comfort kit" I give to the dying person's friends and family. - Vanessa J. 



I used this book throughout my 25 yrs as hospice nurse, presenting it to families as patients staring to go through end of life changes. Somehow reading the book with simply and clearly stated stages allowed family members to comprehend more fully my verbal teaching and guidance. Despite being retired I still buy multiple booklets at a time to give to family and friends with terminally ill family members who can then easily share the information among themselves. - Patricia B.  



We’re happy to answer any of your questions and help you to provide your clients with the best possible end of life education.

Learn more about all of our education materials here; you can also see the entire End-Of-Life Guideline Series and read more reviews here. 



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