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Zoom “A Time To Live” is literature for the newly diagnosed with a poor prognosis and/or the palliative care patient; for anyone faced with the unpredictability of their future due to living with a life threatening illness. It offers guidance for living and explains comfort control, nutrition, sleep, pain medications, overdosing and addiction possibilities as they relate to a serious illnesses as well as the fear of death that we all bring to this final experience.
Zoom Booklet - A Time To Live: Living With A Life-Threatening Illness

A Time to Live: Living with A Life-Threatening Illness

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For the newly diagnosed facing a life limiting illness. This booklet addresses issues of comfort, nutrition, and sleep as they relate to the palliative care patient. It provides guidance to help them live the best life they can within the confines of their body and disease.    

When a person receives the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, life as they know it ceases. They find themselves in uncharted territory with no script to follow. Too often they withdraw from the world, as if they have already died. All activity becomes centered on their living with disease and its treatment. Fear and uncertainty replaces confidence and self identity. The joys of living are more or less put on hold while living as long as possible is pursued.  

A Time to Live honors whatever life prolonging choices are being made while at the same time suggesting we look at the gifts life offers each day.   


“Living" -  what does that word really mean? Everyone has a different answer. Start with the idea that you are alive right now. If you are reading this booklet and have  a life threatening illness then you will be alive next week and probably next month. So, what do you want to do or say? What is keeping you from doing or saying it? How can those obstacles be overcome? - Barbara Karnes, A Time To Live


Like all of Barbara's booklets, The Eleventh Hour is written in large print and the information is conveyed in a simple, direct yet gentle manner.

This booklet is included in the End of Life Guideline Series.

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Jo A.
United States United States

Useful for friends and family who are dealing with a fatal diagnosis.

Sharon K.
United States United States

I have used these over the years as a hospice nurse and now as a parish nurse. Very valuable for families.

Barbara S.
United States United States
A Time to Live

I think the book is wonderful for those living with a life threatening illness AND their families. One of my dying friends asked, “what do I do now while I wait to die” Such a valid question that is difficult to answer. Thank you for all that you do for the hospice community, Barbara! Barb Spokes

Cindy M.
United States United States
A Time to Live: Living with A Life-Threatening Illness

It’s an excellent book written in simple, easy to understand style. I learned so much about the importance of living for the joy of today and not fearing what lies ahead. I read and reread it several times. It’s brought a lot of peace.

Subscriber N.
United States United States
Need to order more again

The set of four has been my best resource when helping friends who are going through the dying process with loved ones. As soon as I received my last order, I mailed them out to a friend and now I must order more. I keep a set with my estate and funeral planning papers so that my children will have them when my time comes. I love the way Barbara makes the process of dying so natural, as it should be.

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