June 14 2018
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Barbara Karnes, RN
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Pain, Morphine & "Dying in Peace"

Pain, Morphine & "Dying in Peace"


T H Eaton - August 03 2018

I do not disagree with your point of view and I would like to share mine. Long before being intimately involved with death by old age and or long term debilitating disease in three near and dear family members, I came to believe that “self determined death with dignity” would be my dearest last wish. Hospice care clearly has a place in that scenario because no matter how I choose to die my family will need trained, compassionate, care givers to help them and me to the final day. If Hospice backs away from Death with Dignity patients it will be a huge loss for both groups. Please take the time to check out and read the conditions required by the New laws.

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