Loretta, a longtime Hospice nurse, now in Florida

I had a hospice patient who was a retired builder and lived in the country.
Two days after I began taking care of him I also began taking care of a farmer who lived about 2 miles from the builder.

We'll call the builder, John, and the farmer, Bob. I soon learned that John and Bob had been neighbors and church friends for many, many years. I saw each one of
them 2 or 3 days a week. I would always make my visits going from one house to the other house. Every visit, each man would want to know how the other man was doing.

I saw both of them for a few months. Bob's family was unable to care for him at home so he was eventually admitted to the nursing home. John stayed home with care from his family.
Both men continued to ask about the other one. John and Bob's conditions continued to decline.

One morning at 3:00 a.m. I receive a call from John's family that he had just passed away. I drove to John's home to call the funeral
director, be with the family and say my good-bye's to John. As I was driving back to town, I receive a call that Bob was declining rapidly.

I drove to the nursing home. All of his family were there. I spoke to Bob, even though he was non responsive, and told him that his friend, John, had just gone to be with the Lord and was waiting for him. Within 10 minutes, Bob also passed away.
What a wonderful way to leave this world, knowing that an old, dear friend was there to welcome him!

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