Grieving for Grandma

Barbara, My husband's 94 year-old grandma just passed. Our family has lived with her for all of my daughter's life. We are strong in faith but I was wondering if there are more of your books available for the grieving process or others you would recommend as I have a child grieving as well.

Children and their grieving process is affected by their age and their maturity level. We all grieve, no matter our age, but our understanding of this normal life experience varies with age. My Friend, I Care, my grief booklet, addresses the normal grieving process and is written simply. I'd say anyone, adult or child, with a reading level of 4th grade will benefit from it's information.

I have two children's coloring books, ( I am Standing Upon the Seashore and The Tree of Life ) which explain dying and death through poems, each with an analogy.

Jim Boulden has age specific booklets for children. You can find them on Amazon.

Something More about Grieving for Grandma...

In New Rules for End of Life Care, I talk about how families used to live in multigenerational houses. The circle of life was played out in a normal, natural way. There are births and their are deaths. It pleases me that your daughter has had the good fortune to live in a multigenerational home.


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