February 01 2016
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Barbara Karnes, RN
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Dying Awareness

Dying Awareness


Debra Palmquist - August 04 2017

Your blog posts are always so helpful. I first learned of you and your blog after reading your book, “Gone from my Sight” when my Father was dying from Melanoma three years ago. Now my Mother is ill with pancreatic cancer and we are on a new journey with her. Very different experiences. I love what you say about each person brings a life experience/personality to death in a different way. I will hold your words and those of others close as we are walking with Mom.

Claudia Hauri - August 03 2017

Again Barbara, thank you for your wise words from your experience as a hospice nurse.

Cate C. - August 02 2017

Thank you for the wonderful information you provide. I lost my husband last October to Pancreatic Cancer, and I am the caregiver for my father who has Dementia. I am very interested in learning everything I can about end of life situations.

Cate C. - August 02 2017

I am the caregiver

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